Performances of wonder, high-flying dance at ADF

… Naomi Luppescu’s costumes suggest both human and animal. Dancers wear black, shiny, full-body leotards and their eyebrows stand out thanks to thick black paint…As though to become one with this element, a dancer takes off her black costume to reveal a silver one.

ADF: A Thrilling Premiere by LeeSaar The Company in Reynolds

The sleek dancers (of similar size, with long dark hair) wear long-sleeved, high-necked bodysuits in dully gleaming black (costumes by Naomi Luppescu), which Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)’s extraordinary lighting turns into a symphony of tone and reflections as the dancers move….The work closes with a scene of metamorphosis, in which one dancer peels away her black suit to reveal a golden one beneath…It is very beautiful to the eye and galvanizing to the heart….

The concert’s closing piece, The Legend of Ten (2010), featured similar movement and choreographic strategies to those deployed in North Star, although the dancers were clothed in sharper, more fitted black outfits, by L. Isaac and Naomi Luppescu.

All dressed (by Naomi Luppescu) in shades of gray, the women form a strange contemporary corps de ballet, moving similarly yet never exactly alike or with the same rhythms…the symbolism of individuality is made clear as the dancers loosen their clothes to reveal patches of bright color (lime green, shocking pink, orange) on their backs, shoulders and stomachs. It’s a nice touch, the color also feeding into the overall picture created by Jared Klein’s patchy, evocative lighting, and the loose, swirling movement of the dancers…

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